About Us

  • A rapidly growing hardware solutions provider, with 13+ years of expertise in delivering outstanding service and support, winning accolades from students all over.
  • We offer final year projects for B.E and M.E in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE/ECE). Our domains include Power electronics, Power system and Embedded in Simulation and Hardware.
  • We specialize in providing complete solution to latest IEEE papers.
  • We are skilled in solving engineering problems through creative and innovative thinking.
  • We maintain a sound theoretical approach to every new project and new technology and have capacity to apply professional judgment, balancing issues of costs, benefits, safety, quality etc.
  • Many tough IEEE papers have been successfully solved through our excellent analytical skills in the formulation and solutions of problems.
  • We provide cost effective solutions, assure guaranteed deliverability and ensure consistent performance.

The Team

With clear comprehension of professional and ethical responsibilities, HOC professionals commit to a project and a client with both intellect and passion.

At HOC Tech, We see the whole picture of a project and offer innovative solutions to current challenges while avoiding future challenges.

The HOC team is commited, determined, Self-motivated, Independent of mind, with intellectual integrity.

HOC techs are known for their enthusiasm in the application of their knowledge, understanding and skills in pursuit of the practice of engineering and strongly emphasis on lifelong learning for continuing professional development.

Our Commitment With students

“HOC technologies” has always been acknowledged as a very student friendly institute. We are popular among students as the center that “DELIVERS WHAT IT COMMITS”. Candor, Reliable, Competent, genuine, quality and timely delivery are just some the words of appreciation and praise, qualities experienced and expressed by students themselves. Our being open, honest and sincere in all conversation and dealings has proved our trustworthiness among students for years together.

Going the extra mile, individual attention to each student of every batch, speaking the truth with HOC, delivering more than what is expected; being responsive and available for students anytime is the highlight of the institute.

The HOC team is commited, determined, Self-motivated, Independent of mind, with intellectual integrity. We consider ourselves successful not when we deliver the project but only when the student comes out with flying colors and flashing smile. The truth that every year many number of students step in year after year from the same college proves the “EXCELLENCE AND COMMITMENT IN OUR WORK” and “TRUST THE STUDENTS HAVE ON US”.